The first and most important thing to notice is the direct line of sight to the lake. It's right there!

Watermark is a completely enclosed compound with 2 convenient accesses, both connecting to the same main road that leads off Sarjapur Road. The 9 blocks just occupy 22% of the ground cover, meaning that almost 78% is a lush green campus with a host of amenities and clubhouse that mean good living.

A large section of the luxurious amenities are along the lake bank, and the Club Neptune clubhouse is aligned to face the lake. Alongside the fully loaded clubhouse are the two swimming pools. The central courtyard is rich with landscaping, trees, walkways and gardens.

The layout is such that that most apartments face the open, natural expanse of the lake, while most others face the open courtyard.

Click on the block names to zoom in to the block plans. This also shows you the orientations of the three types of apartments.